Introduction to Intelligent Transportation Systems

Course Format

The format of the course is of 5 topics divided in short videos of a duration between 5 and 15 minutes, explaining the different topics and technologies involved in the ITS field. After every video, a set of question will be delivered to analyze the assimilation degree from the students.

Proper Specification of Learning Outcome

The course is designed for young professionals and recently graduated students who have their first contact with Intelligent Transportation Systems. Using an easy language and audiovisual content it is intended to be a first approach to the topic to all those people who find the ITS field interesting, but never had the opportunity to learn about it.

After passing this course successfully, students are able to understand the concept and scope of ITS and its technologies. They will be able to assess the development level of ITS technologies in the market and evaluate their penetration and their relevance in the 21st century society and to analyze mobility advances that it has provided.

Furthermore, the course is also intended as an introduction to the ITS society. The forums and the publications of the society, including the podcast, the newsletter, conferences and journals are presented in the video. Additionally, the didactic content does not require engineering knowledge, since it is intended as a general compendium of the ITS area. All this makes it the perfect tool for the ITS enthusiasts. Our intention is to provide a general orientation to the area.

Teaching Concepts

Content related to real-life applications and the current ITS industry market that is akin to smart mobility will be explained. It will address concepts such as:

  • Intelligent vehicles
  • Perception technologies
  • Smart localization
  • Vehicular communications
  • Advanced Driver Assistant Systems
  • Autonomous driving

Teaching Methods

Through basic and general explanations as well as practical examples new concepts will be presented. Slides and short videos known as knowledge pills will be used to this end, as well as short tests.

Exam Methods

Simple tests of 10 questions for every topic will make it possible for the audience to evaluate the acquired knowledge.

Relevance for the Industry

The course intends to provide a first contact with the ITS area in order to awaken the students interest and attract young professionals and students to the ITS industry.